Chidinma – I Recommend Jesus

“Blessings Follow Me,”
“Blessings Follow Me,”
“Blessings Follow Me,”
“Blessings Follow Me,”

Gospel singer-songwriter, Chidnma makes her musical debut with an impressive record which she tagged “I Recommend Jesus.”

Chidinma has a powerful voice, and the new song is a monument to her unwavering commitment to using the power of music to promote the message of love and faith.

Subsequently, this track serves as a follow-up to her previously uncovered rendition, “Blessings Follow Me,” in which she featured a top-rated Nigerian gospel music artist, KS Bloom.

Lastly, this unique composition is a blockbuster that you should add to your playlist if you enjoy decent music.


In other news, on Friday, TikTok Influencer, Salo was accosted by street touts when he went to pray at a mosque in his neighbourhood in Lagos.

The content creator who drove his new Benz was prevented from leaving the mosque after he was done with his prayers and he went online to expose them for harassing him.

According to information, they expressed grievance that Salo bought a Mercedes Benz and did not come to pay homage to them before driving it in their neighbourhood which is why they confronted him.

The Nigerian content creator launched a live session on TikTok to expose the area boys that tried to extort him and he could be heard calling them ”Ole” – (thief).

While Salo was inside the car and shouting, some members of his crew were pleading with the touts that insisted on getting money before allowing him to leave.

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