Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix

Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix
Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix
Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix
Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix

Renowned South African music artiste, Mas Musiq bless music lovers as he deliver a new Amapiano mix titled “Friends Like Me Mix”.

Download “Mas Musiq – Friends Like Me Mix” below and grove to the vibe if you are a lover of Amapiano.

In other news, a Kenyan woman known as Agripina Mulupi, has welcomed her husband with open arms after 17 years he disappeared from their hometown of Lurambi.

According to information, in 2006 he left Lurambi, Kakamega County and she felt he was dead because he did not return, so she moved on and fell in love with someone else who has been taking care of her and her three children.

Their relationship witnessed an unexpected dynamic when 42-year-old Boniface Moi Muyeshi, the father of her kids, showed up unannounced after almost two decades.

The family welcomed their son in traditional fashion, slaughtering a ram in the process while locals in Emukoyani, Butsotso Ward broke into a fit of singing and dancing as they celebrated his return.

It was gathered that a prayer session preceded a cleansing ceremony and the prodigal son was then reunited with his kin.

A resident said:

“He left home for Nairobi back in 2006. He left his family behind never to be seen again.” 

Boniface was somehow hoping to meet his wife waiting for him, but he was saddened to learn that she had a child with another man.

his relative Fredrick Witumbele said;

“We suspected that he had died during the 2007/2008 post election skirmishes.” 

According to Mulupi, she has had it rough raising their three children which is why she settled down with someone else, but the new development has made her review her decision.

“I settled down with someone else as I was not able to raise these children on my own. I had to send my current lover away as the man of the house had made a return. We will make plans on how to co-parent,” she added

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